Life at Dubai Airports Every day more than 250,000 people experience Dubai's two plane terminals. DXB is one of the world's busiest all inclusive plane terminals, and a seal of Dubai's flourishing. Work life alter At Dubai Airports we perceive and gets a handle on the significances of work/life alters. We offer charming working hours and conditions close by a wide show of amusements, redirection and social events that bring our agents, and their families, closer together.

Moving to Dubai With a perfect winter environment, world-class restaurant, brilliant workplaces, a different and exuberant gathering, a wide combination of diversion, social and unwinding works out, sublime shopping, Dubai has something to offer everyone. In addition, the emirate is all around arranged, ensured and secure. Dubai Airports delegates also advantage from a duty excluded salarys earned in a dynamic and empowering conditions where advancements, snappy improvement and a continuing on journey for being the best make for a truly compensating work experiences. In Dubai, flying is significantly regarded and respected by government and the gathering wherever as a basic driving force for money related advancement and social changes.

Our People Our significantly skilled delegates are the fundamental impulse behind our succes. Each kind of aptitudes, from reserve to operation, planning, office organization, progression and HR, can be found perfect here at Dubai Airports. Our gathering joins the best qualified specialists, from the UAE and more than 50 countries around the globes, to shape the possible destiny of flights. We pride ourselves on three things. Our hospitalitys, our feeling of obligation with respect to give the best organization, and our vivacious drive to improve and surpass desires in all that we do. We acquire energized, energetic, versatile helpful people, who are given and passionates, and value the challenges of working for a rapidly creating affiliations. At the heart of our affiliations are five key regards. These shape and effect the way we speak with our explorers, industry associates and each others. We are happy, forceful, vivacious, careful and strong. Meet a part of the overall public that breath life into these qualities, and make our plane terminals the most welcoming and profitable on the planet.

A universe of choices

What do we do?

We have and manage the operations and headway of both of Dubai's air terminals – Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC). Dubai International is growing rapidly. Starting at now dealing with more than 66 million explorer a year, we expect that adjacent will 100 million preceding the decades' over. We're along these lines contributing US$7.8 billion here. DWC is our air terminal of the destinies. Opened in June 2010 for stack operations and explorer flights from October 2013, the air terminal will in the end transform into an overall door for more than 200 million voyagers for every year. Starting late we pronounced that we will put $32 billion in its augmentations to wind up observably the world's most noteworthy plane terminals and one that accomplishes new statures in organization and improvement. We plan to move the perspective for the air terminal voyager experiences. To do that, we require a far reaching extent of capacities, experiences, nationalities and approache.

Terminal Operation

The Terminal Operation amass ensure all explorer sets out from the kerb to the flying machines as quick and effortlessly as could sensibly be normal. Working personally with various accomplices, it coordinates the organization and upkeep of every single terminal office, including keeping up structure at security, enlistment and settlements.

Airside Operation

With around 1000 plane advancements reliably and a many-sided arrangement of road structures, runway, runway, overskirts and lighting systems, making a protected, secure and capable airside condition is a fundamental segment in Dubai Airports' stroll to managing the world busiest and best air terminals. The Airside Operations unit is accountable for keeping up and working all airside structures while executing new technologie and systems that development the point of confinement and capability of the air terminals. As both air terminals are open 24 hours for each day, this work ought to be done in a live conditions.

Air terminal Fire Service

The Airport Fire Service give each moment of consistently fire prosperity oversight and cutting edge response landside and airside. The fire gathering, which ensures managerial compliances and guarantees plane terminal assets, is based on four key zones; Operations, Fire Safety, Training and Service Delivery.

The Asset Revenue bunch regulates the organization of all non-aeronautical wage making assets. This includes a wide combination of activities running from positive exchange of property leases to working with key associates to ensure our pay and organization desires are secured in space orchestrating. The gathering is in like manner required in the orchestrating of future headways related to persistent air terminal expansion.


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